The Ugandan government has introduced an Electronic Visa Application system to apply for your Uganda Online Visa. We have outlined how to apply for the Uganda Online Visa in the simple steps below. The processing time can take up to seven days, so please plan accordingly.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Visit the Uganda Online Visa site at
  2. Click Start a New Application.
  3. Choose Permit Type ‘Visa’.
  4. Select your Category:
    1. Ordinary if you are visiting Uganda only.
    2. Single East African if you are visiting Uganda, Rwanda and/or Kenya on your trip. Please note Uganda should be your first of these three East Africa countries visited, otherwise you would apply to the country you first enter.
    3. Choose Subcategory ‘Single Entry’ for Ordinary Visa or ‘Single East African’ for Single East African Visa.
  5. Fill out your personal information as required including passport details.
  6. Enter the contact details for your Uganda contact (provided us or your tour operator).
  7. Choose Purpose of Visit ‘Tourism’ and enter the date you arrive in Uganda.
  8. Choose Port of Entry to be provided by provided us or your tour operator and your length of stay in Uganda.
  9. Answer the following questions about your personal history and click ‘Next Step’.
  10. In order to complete the next page, you will need the following files to be uploaded:
    • A scan or photo of the main page of your passport (with your name, date of birth and other information) – the bio data page.
    • A passport sized digital photo.
    • A copy of your travel itinerary in digital format which can be obtained from us or your tour operator.
    • A scan or photo of your vaccination certificate or immunization record.
    • Please note the maximum file size for documents in 250 kb.
  11. Check your application is correct and then click submit.
  12. Await a return email that will notify you of your approval (up to 7 days) so you can download and print your Visa Authorization letter.
  13. Bring the printed letter with you and present to the immigration officer at your point of entry into Uganda.

From June 1, 2016 onward the new Uganda Online Visa system will be in place and you may be denied boarding of your flight to Uganda or denied entry to Uganda if you do not have your printed copy of your Visa Authorization to show for proof.

Further help on the application process can be found at