Before arriving:
  • All travellers are required to present a negative COVID-19 test certificate upon arrival.  The test must be a Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test, with the sample collected within 120 hours of boarding your flight to Uganda.
On arrival:
  • Travellers from the USA, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan and Tanzania including children will be subjected to a PCR Covid-19 test ($65 per person) at the Points of Entry including Entebbe International Airport. This does not apply to passengers with a COVID-19 vaccination certificate stating that they received the last vaccine dose and are asymptomatic.
PCR Testing:
  • PCR Testing can easily be arranged in Entebbe or Kampala for onward travel, we recommend you add at least one night at the end of your trip to account for this testing.
For departure:
  • There is no specific requirement for exit of Uganda, however it is likely your home country or next travel country will require a test.  In addition, many airlines also require testing and you should consult their websites for the requirements.
Vaccinated passengers:
  • There is currently no exemption to the rules for fully vaccinated passengers.