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Does Safari Partners work with travel agents?


We have worked with our travel agent partners for many years. We know selling Africa can be challenging. Continuous introduction of new products, emergence of fresh destinations, and alterations to long-established ones are facets we encounter year after year. Acquiring hands-on knowledge and experience in this ever-shifting landscape is indeed a daunting task, given the vast array of destinations spread around the globe that one must understand and promote.

We know Africa so you don’t need to.

Travel Agents: Engaging in conversation

We don’t adhere to the practice of sending bulky, outdated brochures filled with standardized itineraries. Recognizing that each traveler is unique, with distinct preferences, requirements, and expectations, we approach your clients’ vacation planning with a consultative mindset. Our focus is on understanding their individual goals and parameters for what may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There’s no need for you to master the intricacies of Africa; we are here to provide that expertise. Collaborating with you, we design the most fitting journey for your clients, assuring them that their needs are met to the fullest.

Engaging in a conversation is often the ideal starting point with most clients, and we stand ready to participate in that dialogue with you and your clients, whether through conference calls or video chats. We help shape their dream trip, with you taking the lead and us providing the support.

Technology to make your job easier.

Travel Agents: Technology

We’ve long embraced the notion that technology serves as an invaluable sales asset. Our goal is to streamline the sales process for you, making it as effortless as possible. Pioneers in the utilization of the Wetu Planning System in North America, we continue to leverage this tool to its fullest, equipping your clients with comprehensive, current itineraries, empowering them to make the most educated decisions. Our quoting procedure is fully integrated, offering branded-for-you itineraries and quotes that you can directly relay to your clients. Moreover, the option for itinerary viewing notifications is available, enabling you insight into your clients’ research on your quotes.

Through employing technology that is abundant in media, content-specific, and precisely tailored to your clients’ needs, we transcend the constraints of conventional brochures. Instead, we offer an experience that resonates relevance and engagement, aligning with the uniqueness of each client’s desires.”

Commissions you can live on and a partner you can count on.

Travel Agents: Commission and partner

Travel agents stand as our partners, not adversaries, and our dedication is evident in our commitment to offering equitable commissions that foster your business’s prosperity. Rest assured, should your client find us and we uncover the connection mid-process, your commission will be protected without question.

Feel secure in guiding your clients to our website. Every inquiry form includes options to input travel agent details, and you can trust that your role as the initiating agent will be respected and protected.

So, if you haven’t yet collaborated with us, why delay?

We ready to assist you in confidently selling Africa, guaranteeing that your clients will return, effusive about the unforgettable journey you helped to shape. Consider us your steadfast partner for Africa.