This page shows COVID-19 guidelines for Botswana, but please check local government advice before making any decisions.
Please Note: We provide help with COVID specific requirements to clients who have booked a safari with us only.
Before arriving:
  • All travellers are required to present a negative COVID-19 test certificate upon arrival.  The test must be a Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test, with the sample collected within 72 hours of boarding your flight to South Africa and have the name and signature of the certified medical practitioner.
  • All Travellers must complete a Traveller Health Questionnaire online before arriving. Please print and bring this form with you no more than two days before arrival.
On arrival:
  • Presentation of Covid-19 PCR negative certificate and the Travel Health Questionnaire.
  • Temperature & health screening.
PCR Testing:
  • PCR Testing can easily be arranged throughout South Africa at a cost of around R 900 (approximately USD 70).  You may also be able to get a test done at your camp or lodge in South Africa where a nurse will visit your accommodation at a cost of about R 2000 (approximately USD 150).  This usually needs to be pre-arranged and you should contact your tour operator or lodge in advance.
  • Johannesburg Airport has an Express testing site at R 2200 (approximately USD 160) which takes two hours. This means if you arrive in the early afternoon, you will have results in time  to board your flight home in the evening. There is also a testing facility at Cape Town airport.
  • have several testing sites in Cape Town with 24 hours results. For an additional small fee, if you test before 10am, you will have the results on the same day.
  • Standard PCR Test Results currently can take up to 48 hours, depending on the location, but are usually around 24 hours in the big cities.
For departure:
  • Complete and print the Traveller Health Questionnaire (Exit) not more than 2 days before departure.
  • There is no additional specific requirement for exit of South Africa, however it is likely your home country or next travel country will require a test.  In addition, many airlines also require testing and you should consult their websites for the requirements.
Vaccinated passengers:
  • There is currently no exemption to the rules for fully vaccinated passengers.