This page shows COVID-19 guidelines for Kenya, but please check local government advice before making any decisions.
Please Note: We provide help with COVID specific requirements to clients who have booked a safari with us only.
Before arriving:
  • All Travellers must take a COVID-19 PCR test within 96 hours prior to departure with name and signature of the conducting certified medical practitioner.
  • All travellers (incl. those in transit) must complete the Travellers Health Surveillance Form. On submission, travellers will receive a QR code to be presented to Health Officials on arrival.
On arrival:
  • Presentation of Covid-19 PCR negative certificate & QR code from Traveller Health Surveillance Form.
  • Temperature & health screening.
  • All travellers with symptoms or who haven’t done a Covid-19 test, will remain in quarantine until a negative test is conducted at their own cost.
  • Vaccinated people currently still need a PCR test on arrival.
  • All travellers are expected to self-monitor for the first 14 days and  and report daily via the ‘jitenge’ platform.
PCR Testing:
  • PCR Testing is easily arranged in both Nairobi and Mombasa and can be done at a clinic or the hospital.  Results are usually returned within 24 hours.  There are options for this to be done at your accommodation for an added cost.
  • It is possible to do testing in the Mara.  This can be done at one of the Mara gates as well as options to be done in camp.  Costs vary depending on which option you choose and will be higher than if done in Nairobi or the Mara, but will likely eliminate the need to have an extra night in Nairobi at the end of your trip.
For departure:
  • There is no specific requirement for exit of Kenya, however it is likely your home country or next travel country will require a test.  In addition, many airlines also require testing and you should consult their websites for the requirements.
Vaccinated passengers:
  • There is currently no exemption to the rules for fully vaccinated passengers.