We recently learned last month that the KAZA Uni-visa was suspended in Zambia and was no longer being issued on arrival after being used for over 12 months.  It has now been reported that Zimbabwe has stopped issuing the Uni-Visa as well, effectively suspending the program until further notice.

The KAZA Uni-Visa project was a pilot project run by Zimbabwe and Zambia intended to make tourist travel back and forth between the two countries and day trips to Botswana easier. It was especially useful for tourists who wanted to enjoy Victoria Falls from both Zimbabwe and Zambia without having to purchase two visas or go through the process of queuing and applying for each.

Currently Canadians arriving to Zimbabwe will have to purchase a single entry visa for $75 USD on arrival and Americans will pay $30 USD.  Separately, should you be arriving into or departing from Zambia, a visa for that country will also be required at the cost of $50 USD, paid on arrival.

We do not have further information as to why the KAZA Uni-visa program was suspended, however we will post updates as they may come available.

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