Social responsibility is a key driver in how The Safari Partners operates. The ultimate goal is to improve the lives of the people and the land that affords us such great safari opportunities.

Local Investment

An important part in consideration of the safaris experiences we offer to our clientele is how much money is re-invested in the places we visit. From employing local people such as guides and staff, to seeking out lodges and camps that are owned locally or even in a community partnership, to chartering and utilizing local vehicles wherever possible, the goal remains the same, to leave as much money in the local economy as possible.   Doing so ensures that the local people see as much benefit as possible from monies distributed through tourism.

Monitoring Our Partners

We ensure that our partners follow the best environmental and social practices on the ground, leaving as little impact on the environment and the people as possible. We carefully select the companies we do business with based partially on how they respect the local culture and land. For this reason, you may not find that we are the most affordable option for you to visit Africa, but doing so allows us to take comfort in the knowledge that your holiday will be conducted in a responsible way.

Client Education

Often overlooked, but an essential component, is client education. Both before you depart and while on safari you will be briefed on how best to respect not only the environment, but also to respect the beliefs and customs of the local people. Our clients are important to us, but so are preserving the experience for others to enjoy for years to come, so we ask that all travelers embrace the education and act respectful wherever we travel.

Ultimately we all have a vested interest in the future success of Africa with regards to the people, wildlife and the land, and together we can make a difference.

Doing Our Part. We have a great love for Africa and because of that we are committed to going beyond. One percent of all sales of our safaris is set aside for micro-finace, water, education and health projects.
The Safari Partners is pleased to support initiatives in Africa through a partnership with
The Safari Partners is pleased to support micro-finance in Africa through a partnership with KIVA is giving away a $25 credit to new microlenders, click here.