As its name suggests, Bwindi is famed for its dense forests, which provide the ideal cover for its equally famous residents, the endangered mountain gorillas. One of Uganda’s newest parks (it was opened in 1991); pristine and largely undiscovered Bwindi is also one of her most prized ecological gems.

Quite apart from the gorillas, the park features volcanic peaks, bamboo forests, extensive swamps, clouds of rare butterflies, 120 species of mammals, an exotic selection of monkeys (including chimpanzee) and some 346 species of birds.

It also features a number of truly spectacular hiking trails, which offer breathtaking views of tumbling waterfalls, Lake Edward, the Ruwenzori Mountains and the hazy peaks of the volcanoes of Zaire’s Parc National des Virungas .

The park is part of the Rukiga Highlands, formed by the upsurges of the western Rift Valley. Bwindi also contains the two-kilometre square Mubwindi Swamp and a number of other, small swamps.

Because it is primarily composed of rain forests, Bwindi is wet all year round, but especially so April-May and October-November (Annual mean temperature ranges from a minimum of 7-15°C to a maximum of 20-27°C with an annual rainfall ranging from 1,400 to 1,900 mm). However, due to the scarcity of gorilla-viewing permits, visitors are advised to go at anytime of year.

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