The Land Of A Thousand Hills beckons

Dominated by mountains in the west and savannah in the southeast, Rwanda’s nickname of ‘The Land Of A Thousand Hills’ is well-earned. With a variety of habitats, the country is home to a diverse range of destinations that include five volcanoes, twenty-three lakes and numerous rivers, some of which form the source of the River Nile. Apart from these spectacular sights, Akagera National Park is a growing destination that beckons the intrepid safari enthusiast.

This variety provides visitors with a wide spectrum of experiences that prominently features Mountain Gorillas as the country’s leading attraction. Rwanda is also home to over 700 bird species – and is also renowned for featuring a superb range of primates that includes gorilla, chimpanzee, colobus, golden monkey and many more besides. Located on the equator yet having a temperate climate thanks to its elevation, and holding as it does an incredible story of renewal and recovery from one of history’s greatest tragedies, Rwanda’s rare combination of culture and diversity is what puts the ‘great’ in Great Rift Valley.

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