The first and last word in classic safaris

The very word Kenya conjures up evocative imagery of classic and timeless safari experiences, for it’s in Kenya that the safari concept first took shape, and indeed it’s thanks to the local Swahili language that the word ‘safari’ became known worldwide.

Since the days of big-game hunters and up until the present day, the rich wildlife offered by the vast natural expanses of Kenya offer sightings and encounters with large game on a scale that is without compare. The annual Great Migration on the plains of the Maasai Mara is rightly known as one of the natural world’s greatest spectacles – and it is but one of the incredible experiences that Kenya has to offer. From Lake Turkana in the north to the sublime views of the mountains and plains of Samburu and Laikipia, and on to the sparkling coastline, any safari lover’s interests will be met and exceeded. Offering all this and so much more, Kenya is both the ultimate safari destination as well as a gateway to the wider East Africa region.

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