With a population of more than two million people, Addis Ababa is not only the political capital, but also the economic and social nerve-center of Ethiopia. An Addis Ababa tour is a must! Founded by Emperor Menelik in 1887, this big, sprawling, hospitable city still bears the stamp of his exuberant personality. More than 21,000 hectares in area, Addis Ababa is situated in the foothills of the 3,000 meters Entoto Mountains and rambles pleasantly across many wooded hillsides and gullies cut through with fast flowing streams. You;ll discover all the city has to offer on a Addis Ababa tour.

Like any other capital in the world, there is more than enough for anybody to do on an Addis Ababa tour. There are numerous restaurants offering various exotic dishes.

Addis Ababa is as cosmopolitan as any of the world’s great metropolises, and the architecture is as varied as the city itself. Tall office buildings, elegant villas, functional bungalows, flat, fashionable hotels, conference halls, and theaters – gleaming in their marble and anodized aluminum – vie for attention alongside traditional homes of wattle and daub, surrounded by cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens. There is no designated ‘city centre’ because, until very recently, there was no urban planning. Addis Ababa simply grew in a natural, organic way, and its present appearance reflects this unforced and unstructured evolution you’ll see clearly on an Addis Ababa tour. Explore below our range ofAddis Ababa tours and discover an Addis Ababa tour today!

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