Situated in Northern Botswana, Nxai Pan is mainly forest and savanna woodland and large areas of open grassland and an ideal place for a Nxai Pan safari. Nxai Pan is located North of the Makgadikgadi Pans and it was itself was once part of the old Makgadikgadi lakebed. The Makgadikgadi lake started drying up almost 10,000 years ago. As the water evaporated, huge salt-encrusted pans were left. In Nxai Pan National Park two of these Pans – Nxai (a fossil lake bed about 15 km wide and covered with short grass), and Kgama-Kgama Pan are located. On the pans are islands of Acacia trees, which the animals use for shade during the day, excellent for a Nxai Pan safari.

Nxai Pan was declared a national park in 1992. Baines’s Baobaps is one of the highlights of a Nxai Pan safari. These boababs were named after the explorer Thomas Baines who painted them on 22 May 1862. In the 146 years since Thomas Baines painted these baobabs there has been virtually no change to these baobabs. There are a few lodges in the Nxai Pan which offer some excellent Nxai Pan safaris. Explore below our range of Nxai Pan safaris and discover a Nxai Pan safari today!