About The Safari Partners

At The Safari Partners, your journey with us is
a personal one.

The Safari Partners is the result of a long and abiding love affair that has drawn us to the majesty and mystery of Africa over many years. In creating safari vacations that offer the opportunity to make memories which last a lifetime, we’re driven by a wish to share our exceptional experiences with you. 

Our own personal journeys to the many famed destinations and attractions that Africa offers have provided us with the expertise that informs the way we assist you in creating your own safari journey. We understand that when you give us the opportunity to help you create your ideal safari vacation, we become your guide into a world of incredible experiences. From the spectacular sights of the Great Migration across the Serengeti to close encounters with majestic big game species on the savannah or high up in cloud forests, and on to the dazzling seashores, rivers and lakes of Africa’s coast and highlands, we’re there to guide you down the paths and tracks we ourselves have travelled. 

On your journey, we aim to introduce you to the authentic and the exceptional whilst balancing your needs with a responsible approach that sees local communities benefit, and sensitive environments conserved. By choosing to take a sustainable route, we hope to play a role in helping to preserve the beauty and integrity of Africa’s wild spaces for generations to come. 

Your journey is one that will unlock a lifetime of incredible memories, and we’re ready to listen to your needs in order to get the best understanding of when, where and how your dream safari vacation should take shape. With your help and our guidance, we’re able to weave together the story of an incredible journey that you want to bring home with you. 

Come with us: we know the way.

About The Safari Partners

Our History

Our founder, Chris Ronneseth, was born and raised with a love of adventure thanks to the pioneering spirit of his family. Being amongst the first to offer organized holidays following the ‘hippie trail’ from London to Kathmandu in the 60s and 70s, and later on the Cape to Cairo route, Chris’ family laid the tracks for the experiences of countless travellers that followed in their footsteps.

Inspired by this bold spirit of exploration, Chris went on to gain valuable experience working in the adventure travel industry. When the time was right in 2010, he then struck out on his own journey, by founding The Safari Partners in order to create a safari company that could open up incredible experiences for others in Africa, the continent he regards as the world’s most captivating.

Drawing on his personal knowledge and with an understanding of travellers’ interest in vacation experiences that were customized to their personal tastes, Chris sought to create distinctive safari itineraries that were both meaningful and a notch above the rest. The result is The Safari Partners: an opportunity to share the best of Africa with those equally inspired to set out and make their own priceless memories.

With you every step of the journey

As proud Canadians with a client base that reaches across North America, our personal understanding of your needs sits front and centre of the service we provide to you. We’re local and available when you are, however you need us. Pick up the phone, come see us in person or even schedule an online consultation. We’d love to hear from you.The more we listen, the better you can be sure that the journey you’re setting off on will be everything that you dream of.

For those looking for financial assurances, you’ll be glad to know your monies are protected by our regulated bonded scheme, Consumer Protection BC. With our track record of delivering exceptional experiences backed up by the protection of your monies, you can be sure that when you embark on your safari vacation with us, your journey will be smooth because we’re with you at every step.

Why choose us as your safari partner?

We have the experience and expertise to assist you in creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Complete Package

When you book with us, we offer an end-to-end service that ensures that your entire journey is considered to the last detail. From your first enquiry until you’re headed home, your needs have our full attention, every step of the way.

Expert Advice

Wherever your safari journey in Africa takes you, we have the experience and know-how to guide you toward an exceptional and rewarding experience. Our mission is to ensure that the wonders we’ve experienced are shared with you, so you’re able to benefit from our decades of expertise.

We’re Local

As a Canadian company that serves customers across North America, we’re available in your time zone, and are well-versed in all aspects of embarking on a safari toward distant destinations across Africa. You’re able to visit us personally, or call and meet online, at a time that suits you.

Book With Confidence

We pride ourselves in offering our customers the reassurance that when you book with us, you’re booking with a company whose track record is backed up by Consumer Protection BC. Our aim is to ensure that you’re able to sit back and enjoy your safari safely in the knowledge that your monies are protected.

Meet the team

Chris Ronneseth - About The Safari Partners

Chris Ronneseth

Chris is our founder and heads up the team of safari designers. His love of Africa, and the safari concept, goes back to his childhood and his personal travel experience spans over 30 trips to the African continent. In that time he has personally evaluated and stayed in hundreds of camps and lodges we recommend, and is always on the lookout for new gems for our clients. His passion lies in listening to the hopes and dreams of our prospective safari-goers, and matching the best possible experiences for them. This makes the safaris not only memorable, but sensible as well. His knowledge of all things safari is expansive and serves our clients well in crafting their perfect safari experience. Arrange a Discovery Call.

Jennifer Sedawie

Adventure travel, and destinations out of the norm, have always been Jennifer’s drive in working in the travel industry. Jen worked with an African overland adventure company in the UK where she got the chance to travel from Uganda to South Africa, it’s there her love for Africa was solidified. Moving to Cape Town in 2005, she had the chance to further her work in the safari industry, eventually taking her talents on to Australia where she sold African safaris to intrepid Aussies. Returning to Canada, she joined our team ten years ago and has been instrumental as our client liaison. She visits Africa every year, and her most memorable trip so far has been to Botswana, specifically the Okavango Delta, where she has had multiple sightings of wild dog. She has extensive experience in both East and Southern Africa where her on the ground knowledge has been key in helping our clients get prepared for their own safari experiences.

Jennifer Sedawie - About The Safari Partners

Lizinda Swanepoel - About The Safari Partners

Lizinda Swanepoel

Lizinda has more than 15 years of experience in the tourism industry, and she enjoys travelling and being in nature. She was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, and has travelled to Zimbabwe, Botswana, Madagascar, Tanzania and Zanzibar. She has also lived abroad for two years in the United Kingdom and enjoys interacting with people from various cultures. She also holds a master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality, and her dissertation was based on ‘The importance of accessible tourism for all’.  When Lizinda joined the ‘Die Voortrekkers’ (similar to Girl Scouts) in High school, she fell in love with travel, especially Africa, and from a young age, her goal was to travel and explore as much as possible. Some of her African highlights have been visiting Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and witnessing the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, Tanzania. She believes that Africa has something to offer for everyone with its breathtaking natural beauty and diverse wildlife.

Social Responsibility

Our passion for Africa doesn’t stop at our appreciation for its wildlife, people and astonishing landscapes. It extends to wanting to give back to the communities that we interact with and helping to uplift their lives. 

We are committed to donating 1% of every sale to different social responsibility projects that provide water, education and health projects to communities in need. The building of the Simba Milima Primary School in northern Tanzania, which we’re particularly proud of, is an achievement made possible through this commitment, with the prospect of more schools being built in the future. 

We also ensure that every partner we work with meets our ethical standards of business and is environmentally and socially responsible. So you can be confident that your trip has been arranged and managed in the most ethical way possible.

About The Safari Partners